Our Core People

General Partner

Jay Ha

Jay Ha is a global citizen that has lived in various parts of the world. He was born and raised in Seoul until he was 10 years old, after which he moved to different parts of the globe. He spent time in Europe, the Philippines, Australia, and China, the experience of living on 4 different continents as well as traveling to 30 different countries have shaped his idea of the world and developed his acumen for different cultures. He is an alumnus of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Since graduating from CEIBS, Jay worked as the Head of Korea for China’s leading social media/e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu (小红书 or RED)

Furthering his success in the world of business, he has invested in over 80 companies globally from Web2, Web3, E-commerce, and other industries. Working as an investor and partner in different parts of the world has shaped his global point of view, fully understanding and adapting to the markets of North America and Europe. His greatest asset allows him to bridge Asia to the world where he can create value beyond any project.

Jay is an Advisory Board Member for Purpose Venture Capital, a fund that supports founders to build sustainable and profitable tech businesses through purpose-aligned capital.

Jay is a founding member of Unreasonable, which aimed at re-purposing capitalism. It supports Fellowship for growth-stage entrepreneurs, channels exclusive deal flow to investors, and partners with institutions to discover profit in solving global problems.

Jay believes that the future of the IP business is in Asia. As the world has shifted to web 3.0, he has decided to dedicate his time and effort to becoming a pioneering pillar for web 3.0 in Asia and the world.