It’s time for Big Finance to fully commit to impact investing. Here’s how.
Zingforce founder Sertac Yeltekin's opinion piece posted at Tech For Impact Asia affiliated with Asian Development Bank (ADB). How do we make impact investing mainstream while preserving its essence – that is to generate intentional social and environmental impact as...
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The conditions for success in Singapore – and beyond
Zingforce Ventures Founder and Managing Director Sertac Yeltekin says "Venture builders need to have contacts with the start-up ecosystem, build alliances with like-minded venture builders, make people know that you are there for them" in the article "The conditions for...
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The role of Venture Capital and Private Equity
This webinar, led by Professor Vanina Farber, elea Chair of Social Innovation and Sertac Yeltekin, COO of Insitor Partners Venture Capital, appeared live on Wednesday, 29th April at 11am CEST. What’s the role of private equity and venture capital in...
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